Although there are many engineering cases of soil stabilization technology research and application in China, there is still a lack of research in comparison with the United States, Europe and Japan. Materials, technology and equipment are difficult to cooperate with each other, and have limited support for actual engineering and environmental management. Lack of experience in practical soil stabilization projects, long-term environmental monitoring and assessment, and extensive process control; The domestic complete set of highly efficient mobile soil stabilization equipment need to be developed. In view of the above analysis, the following countermeasures and suggestions are put forward.

First, we should carry out collaborative research on efficient soil stabilization technology, technology and equipment, improve the level of industrialization and equipment technology, and promote the construction and development of soil stabilization engineering in China. Pay attention to the application and strengthen and the research of soil stabilization technology.

Second is the use of green and environmental friendly soil stabilization materials. Soil stabilized materials can make use of solid waste such as fly ash and sludge, but the content of heavy metals in the soil stabilization material itself needs to be controlled.

The third is to develop stable materials and applications of single and compound pollutants such as arsenic and mercury. We should encourage the development and application of green, natural and efficient soil stabilizing materials, and prevent materials with high toxic and harmful or contaminant background content as soil stabilisation materials. Pay attention to the negative effects of large amount of stabilized materials on soil function. To establish the technical application verification and evaluation management system of the new type of soil stabilized material engineering scale.

Fourth is the combination of Chinese solid waste leaching toxicity identification and testing, develop Chinese contaminated soil and sediment leaching of soil stabilization effect assessment system. To enter the landfill (such as hazardous waste, garbage and general industrial solid waste landfill) can refer to Chinese solid waste disposal and strict technical specifications; in situ utilization of soil stabilization, soil contamination level of leaching, leaching concentration suggested the groundwater quality standard III and IV standard value. The water leaching test of arsenic, six valent chromium and other oxygen anion heavy metals should be increased. The complex site should be designed according to the actual scene.

The fifth is to summarize our existing research achievements, demonstration project achievements and practical engineering experience, and draw lessons from international advanced technology and experience, and establish technical guidelines for soil stabilization technology restoration of heavy metal contaminated soil. To standardize the selection, technology and scheme formulation of soil stabilization, remediation and acceptance, reuse and environmental safety assessment.

PARFECT soil stabilization equipment can transfer the soil binder through the air compressor to the mixing head which is mounted on the excavator, and mix with the soil to improve the strength of the foundation.

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