DFMS – Dry Feed Mixing System

DFMS - Dry Feed Mixing System PARFECT in situ soil stabilization and sludge silt stabilisation equipment on site. REQUEST A QUOTE The In Situ Stabilization System Consists Of Storage Tank Soil Binder Mixing Station Control And Feeding System Mixing Head Dry feeding mixing system (DFMS) also called in situ soil stabilization system, this type device should be used on wet working condition, such as silt or sludge, swampland, river bed, bog, this type device [...]

WFMS – Wet Feeding Mixing System

WFMS - Wet Feeding Mixing System PARFECT in situ soil remediation system and sludge stabilization equipment on site. REQUEST A QUOTE The In Situ Soil Remediation System Consists Of Storage Tank Soil Binder Mixing Station Mixing Head Wet feeding mixing system(WFMS) also called in situ soil remediation device, this device should be used on soft dry or not too wet ground layer, this type use WET binder that always consist of a proportional cement, [...]

Excavator Mixing Head

Excavator Mixing Head Excavator mixing head is a kind of excavator mixing attachment for sludge stabilization. 3 meters deep shallow soil mixing. REQUEST A QUOTE Working to a depth of 3 meters, the excavator mixing head is designed to be durable. It’s made from wear-resistant steel, with a stem that’s engineered to be strong, streamlined and lightweight. Powered by the excavator's hydraulic system, and benefitting from its ability to reach difficult or soft areas, the excavator soil mixer can mix materials everywhere the excavator goes. Soil binders [...]

Soil Binder Mixing Station

Soil Binder Mixing Station is a kind of soil mixing equipment, soil remediation equipment. REQUEST A QUOTE The composition of soil binder mixing station This soil stabilization equipment is composed of screw conveyor, screw rod air compressor, mixing station, detector, blowing tank, main engine box and PLC system. Set up the proportion of soil binders, such as A:B=2:3, set the feeding speed of the soil mixing equipment, such as 100KG/ minutes. Just press the start button, can also switch to manual mode. The motor drives the pistons and [...]

Control And Feeding System

Control And Feeding System It is the core part of the soil stabilization system. REQUEST A QUOTE The remaining volume of the storage tank, the stirring speed of the mixing station, the mixing state of the soil binder and the mixing ratio of the raw material can be monitored and controlled in real time through the LED display and intelligent operation interface. Link with the LED display screen of the excavator cab through the bluetooth, display the mix status of the ground stabilisation system to the driver in real [...]

Storage Tank

Storage Tank REQUEST A QUOTE The storage tank for fly ash soil stabilization is a large enclosed tank storage raw materials of soil binder, the tank is equipped with a material position system which can display the position and the remaining capacity of the material, the hole breaking device can release the material that has been deposited for too long. The storage tank and the screw pump can be used to deliver the material to every location. Although the daily maintenance of the storage tank is usually according to [...]