In order to improve the bearing capacity of foundation, reduce the settlement and increase the stability of foundation, the artificial composite soil can be subjected to tensile, compressive, shear or bending action. It is suitable for various soft foundations.

The basic principle of reinforcement is to transfer the tensile stress in the soil to the reinforced body through the friction action between the soil and the reinforcement, and the reinforcement is subjected to pulling force. The stress and shear stress of the soil between the reinforcing bars can make the reinforcement and the soil in the reinforced soil play their respective roles. The common geotextiles include geogrids, geotextiles and geocell. In addition to geosynthetics and geogrids, geocell can delay or cut the sliding surface of foundation failure, so that the bearing capacity of foundation is improved. Moreover, geocell can in the soil compartment given three-dimensional constraint, the soil particles become a geocell is far greater than the overall stiffness of the foundation, it can better distribution of applied loads on top of it, the ground stress is uniform, so as to improve the bearing capacity of foundation.

PARFECT soil stabilization equipment can transfer the soil binder through the air compressor to the mixing head which is mounted on the excavator, and mix with the soil to improve the strength of the foundation.

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