The dumping of silt directly into the sea and landfill has shown its drawbacks. Under the condition that the content of heavy metals in the current sludge has not been effectively controlled, it is very easy to cause two pollution. As a new way of sludge treatment, the energy utilization of silt has not been dabbled in China.

In a lot of silt treatment, the resource utilization of the building materials, represented by the silt made sintered bricks, is the best way out. Firstly is the demand for raw materials of building materials industry is very large, a lot of silt can timely disposal; Secondly is that many brick enterprises are facing the dilemma that no soil can be dug up, the original of fixed assets wasted, a lot of silt is the ample supply of its ammunition, to ensure the maximum utilization of resources, social and economic benefits; Thirdly, sludge can be calcined at low temperature. It can become a building material with high value and good energy saving effect, and the toxic and harmful organic matter contained in the sludge will be thoroughly decomposed and no harm to the environment.

Therefore, we suggest that the river silt for coastal reclamation and production of building materials, in order to achieve the comprehensive utilization of resources. The abandoned building waste, river silt as the resource view, by the means of science and technology and industrial policy guidance, use the quality of muck and mud in the production of building materials, the rest of the residue rocks are buried in landfills, to realize the comprehensive utilization of slag and silt resource, achieve better resource utilization and harmless, ecological target.

PARFECT soil stabilization equipment can transfer the soil binder through the air compressor to the mixing head which is mounted on the excavator, and mix with the soil to improve the strength of the foundation.

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