The foundation treatment is mainly divided into basic engineering measures, rock and soil reinforcement measures.

Some projects do not change the engineering properties of the foundation, but only take basic engineering measures. Some projects also reinforce the soil and rock at the same time, so as to improve their engineering properties. Selecting the appropriate foundation form without changing the engineering properties of the foundation can meet the requirements of the foundation called natural foundation; otherwise, the reinforced foundation is called the artificial foundation. The design and construction quality of foundation treatment is directly related to the safety of buildings. If handling is not proper, engineering quality accidents often occur, and afterwards, most of them are difficult to remedy. Therefore, a strict quality control and acceptance system is required for the foundation treatment in order to ensure the quality of the project.

PARFECT soil stabilization equipment can transfer the soil binder through the air compressor to the mixing head which is mounted on the excavator, and mix with the soil to improve the strength of the foundation.

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