What is soil remediation

Contaminated soil remediation refers to physically, chemically and biologically transfer, absorb, degrade and transform pollutants in soil, which concentration can be reduced to acceptable levels, or turn toxic and harmful pollutants into harmless substances. Fundamentally, the technical principles for contaminated soil remediation may include: 1.Change the existing form or the mode of combining with [...]


Development of remediation technology for petroleum contaminated soil

Petroleum contaminated soil is a typical organic contaminated soil. It can be divided into in-situ remediation, site remediation and ectopic remediation according to the form of contaminated soil treatment. Common in-situ soil remediation techniques include soil vapor extraction (SVE), bio-venting (BV), in situ chemical oxidation, and bidirectional extraction. In situ remediation generally involves drilling [...]


Variation of mechanical properties of petroleum contaminated soil

Petroleum contaminated soil can be used as a stabilizing material in engineering, such as road construction. A large number of experiments on soil contaminated by oil spill in the Gulf War have proved that petroleum pollution can lead to the decrease of soil strength and permeability, and the increase of compression. After the pollution [...]


Use construction waste, river silt to produce building materials

According to statistics, every year the city brick reached 4.5 billion standard bricks. In order to protect natural resources, our city has banned the use and production of clay bricks. Clay bricks have been replaced by cement bricks and fly ash bricks. But the use of cement brick and fly ash brick is much [...]


Soft soil subgrade treatment by soil layer replacement method

When the soft soil foundation bearing capacity can not meet the design requirements, and the thickness of soft soil layer is not very big, dig part or all soft soil foundation out within the scope of the subgrade treatment, and then filling sand of greater strength or other stable performance and no corrosive materials [...]


What is soil stabilization / solidification technology

Soil stabilization technology is a kind of soil remediation technologies that prevent or reduce the release of harmful chemicals from contaminated soil. Usually used for harmless treatment of soils contaminated by heavy metals and radioactive materials. Soil stabilization technology can not only dig out contaminated soil on the ground, put into the appropriate shape [...]


Powder jet pile method for soil settlement treatment

Powder jet pile method, with special equipment, the reinforcing binder powder materials (cement or lime) through transmission of compressed air, and mix with soil, to produce physical and chemical reactions after full forming a certain strength pile. This method is a kind of soil settlement treatment method for improving soil quality and foundation strength. [...]


Traditional sludge disposal methods

Most of the mud from the small ponds or river in the countryside is directly backfilled to farmlands nearby, which is the most common sludge disposal method used in rural areas in the past few decades. This sludge disposal method has many disadvantages: Some of the sludge has heavy metal pollution, or contains a [...]