Present situation of utilization of sludge

Relevant data show that most of the silt is mainly composed of quartz and clay minerals, feldspar minerals, the other small containing amounts of carbonate, sulphate, phosphate and trace organic compounds, which has good machinability, is a good raw material for the production of building products. In the United States, sludge is used to [...]


What is in situ soil remediation

In situ soil remediation refers to the soil remediation technology that does not move contaminated soil, and directly repairs or processes the contaminated soil in the site, it has the characteristics of low investment and little influence on the surrounding environment. In situ soil remediation technology mainly in situ leaching, vapor extraction (SVE) and [...]


Sludge treatment has become a problem

As the urban infrastructure continues to expand, every year the construction mud blowout, and how to deal with a large number of sludge and mud has become a problem. Due to the lack of effective scientific and reasonable disposition, A large number of construction mud exist secretly illegally discharge, causing water pollution, river [...]


Treatment of soft soil foundation by cement soil mixing method

Mixing the cement or (lime) material with the soft soil foundation into a column by excavator mounted mixing head, and the column becomes a cement clay pile, it has a certain strength and water stability. The composite foundation is composed of mixed column and surrounding soft soil, which can improve the bearing capacity and [...]


Background of soil remediation in China

The soil is originally a natural shelter and purification site for various wastes, and the soil receiving pollutants did not mean that the soil was contaminated. Only when all kinds of pollutants in the soil are too much, exceeding the self purification capacity of the soil, and thus harmful effects on hygiene and epidemiology, [...]


Composition of soil remediation system

The remediation system includes soil pretreatment system, medicament mixing system and seepage control system. 1.Pretreatment system. Crushing, screening or adding soil amendments to the excavated contaminated soil. The system equipment includes crushing screen, bucket, excavator, bulldozer and so on. Pretreatment system Medicament mixing system 2.Medicament [...]


Construction muck and river silt for Coastal Reclamation

The reclamation area provide a broader space for the future development of the city. The successful coastal reclamation experience of Zhenhai District fly ash emissions of Beilun power plant of can be used for reference. It is understood that the Zhenhai District has already been reclaimed 60 thousand acres coastal area, of which more [...]


Who should pay for soil remediation

1.It is reasonable that the polluters pay for it. However it is not easy to find the polluters, some factories and mines have been closed down after many restructuring, and these polluted area can only rely on the government. Local governments have become helpless polluters, but there is no financial soil remediation funds, and [...]


Profit model of soil remediation

How big is the market for soil remediation? The market is divided into three categories: the first is agricultural land, which is said to have 390 million acres to be remediated; the second is the site of the abandoned or relocated factories; the third is abandoned mines and oil wells. Some experts believe that [...]