Screen Bucket Application-Using Construction Waste To Make Controllable Low-strength Materials

With the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization, the construction industry is also developing rapidly, and the accompanying construction waste is increasing. The amount of construction waste in China has accounted for more than 1/3 of the total urban waste. The random stacking of these rubbish causes a series of safety problems. It is urgent to [...]


Yichen Environment “Makes What You Want”, Specializes In Custom Construction Equipment

I purchased the equipment enthusiastically, but found that it could not fully meet the construction requirements. Is this the biggest headache for big guys in engineering projects? Don't worry, Yichen Environment will help you solve it. After nearly two decades of hard exploration, Yichen Environment has established a complete and effective service system and an [...]


A Day Trip To The Factory To Appreciate Yichen’s Workmanship

In 2020, Yichen Environment will purchase a new plant in Ningbo Nanjie for R&D, testing and manufacturing. As a manufacturing enterprise, the factory is the heart of the entire enterprise, and all products are formed here. Today, let everyone follow in the footsteps of the editor, explore the factory's "Fang Rong" and appreciate the demeanor [...]


Cutting Cement Concrete, Rock Saw To Help

Cement concrete is the most common thing in modern society and constitutes the infrastructure of a city. These facilities are gradually aging over time and need to be demolished and rebuilt. At this time, Yichen's rock saw played its great role. Yichen rock saw is also known as excavator circular saw, quarry saw, mining saw, [...]


Corporate Story | Yichen Environment’s Environmental Protection Road

In the past 30 years of "efficiency first", in order to pursue economic development, people unrestrainedly developed natural resources and even destroyed the natural environment. We used to disagree, but in the face of a series of environmental problems such as soil erosion and global warming, we have to admit that the model of sacrificing [...]


In-depth “seven questions”, Exclusive Decryption Of Yichen Screening Bucket

Speaking of the Yichen environment, the first thing everyone thinks of is the soft soil in-situ curing repair system. In fact, Yichen has many products, ranging from infrastructure engineering equipment to soil treatment equipment. Today, let the editor use the "seven questions and answers" to deeply interpret another ace product of Yichen Environment-the screening bucket. [...]


Hydraulic Eexcavator Crushing Bbucket, Eeasily Ccrushing Construction Waste

In the context of accelerating urbanization, we can often see old buildings being demolished. Accompanying the demolition of buildings, a series of problems in how to deal with construction waste have gradually come into everyone's field of vision. At this time, it is particularly important to choose a suitable crushing tool. A good crushing equipment [...]


Rock Saws Can Cut Natural Stone Quickly, And Are Widely Used In The Mining And Quarrying Industry

Yichen excavator rock saws (also known as circular saws, mountain saws, cutting saws, stone cutters, etc.) are fast cutting equipment, using the world's most advanced hydraulic technology and imported high-quality motors, spring steel, artificial diamonds, etc. It is used for cutting hard and brittle materials such as concrete, rock and stone. Especially in cutting natural [...]